Movement Bundles designed to support you in moving more whilst in the comfort of your own home and making the time in and around your lifestyle.

Packed with pre-recorded yoga and mindful movement videos designed to shift you out of your busy mind, whilst building strength, stability, mobility and flexibility in your body in a sustainable and approachable way!

Movement Bundle for Happy Hips……

Suffering from low back / pelvic tension?

Experiencing limited movement in your hips?

Spending your days sitting or standing for long periods of time?

Need more movement in your hips to support other activities such as riding or running?

You know how beneficial movement is for your body, but you need some guidance, inspiration and accountability. 

You’re feeling bored with your current routine and you’re looking for new ways to move your body.

Imagine if…..

  • You had access to guided practices that help to build not only space but strength and stability in your hips, meaning greater movement and less tightness and stiffness.
  • You had access to a range of supportive classes to do in the comfort of your own home.
  • You felt inspired to move and had a range of tools to use daily to keep your hips feeling happy.

So that you can…

  • reduce your pelvic tension (or get rid of it for good!)
  • minimise those annoying lower back issues
  • continue to do the activities you love running, riding, walking and playing sports
  • build strength, stability and space whilst improving your postural habits


    Bundle for Happy Hips Shop MiYoga Vibe

    movement bundle


    Five specially selected classes designed to build awareness, mobility, strength and flexibility in your hips, resulting in happier and healthier movement.


    Movement Bundle for Desk Workers……

    Find yourself feeling stiff and sore after a day at your desk?

    Experiencing constant tension in your neck and shoulders?

    Recurring headaches?

    Shoulders up around your ears?

    You know you need to counter all that sitting with the right movement,

    you’re just not sure where to start.

    You’re feeling bored with your current routine and you’re looking for new ways to move your body.

    Imagine if…..

    • You had access to proven methods to reduce pain and stiffness.
    • You had access to a bunch of different ways to move and open up space in your neck and shoulders.
    • You felt inspired to move in the comfort of your own home

    So that you can…

    • reduce your neck and shoulder tension (or get rid of it for good!)
    • minimise those pesky headaches
    • build strength and improve your posture and breathing habits
    • get through a day / week at your desk feeling more spacious and inspired to move


      Spacious Shoulders Shop Bundles MiYoga Vibe

      movement bundle


      Five specially curated classes designed to counter the long hours spent at your desk. 





      I’ve just completed 5 weeks of Mikayla’s “Mindful Movement Series” and it is exactly that – MINDFUL MOVEMENT!!!  Classes are broken down into bite-size pieces with a slow purposeful flow of the yoga asanas.  We not only focus on the large muscle groups but also engage and focus on the smaller ones which support these – in Mikayla’s words we’re “juicing” the areas…. I now have a more mindful approach to the way I stand, sit, walk and engage with my body. Words don’t do it justice – you need to experience; it’s very good!


      After completing The Mindful Mobility Series with Mikayla, I have noticed that I’m more aware of my range of motion and areas that might feel tight during various daily activities. I enjoyed the knowledge shared about our anatomy and the weekly emails were a great support and reminder on the focus areas we explored during the in-person classes, and I loved having access to the short videos to blend into my day, I’ve even added the shoulder movements in with my Physio exercises and I have noticed my shoulder pain decreasing.

      It was a great reminder of how important movement is in our everyday.


      I have just completed 6 weeks of TMMS with Mikayla and it made me realise how many body parts I do not use on a daily basis. I am now more aware of my breath, my posture, and movements in my body whether they be big or small.

      The classes went so quickly but that was because I was enjoying it so much. I could not fault anything – the studio was cozy & we were all well-spaced.

      I would recommend this work to anyone seeking time for themselves – during the classes I didn’t think of anything or anyone else and it was ultimate experience. I felt supported, it didn’t matter if I couldn’t get into some of the positions, although I knew no-one was looking or judging me & I wasn’t looking or judging anyone else!