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I’m Mikayla, yoga teacher and mindful movement educator, who believes in the power of movement in helping to quiet the busy mind and generate a sense of space and freedom in the body and the breath. 

In my online classes I support my students to:

  • Move in a way that feels good for them now and creates sustainability in their body into the future.
  • Relieve stiffness and soreness whilst rewiring postural habits.
  • Quiet their busy mind and support their nervous system through mindful movement and breath.
  • Create greater strength, stability, flexibility and ease of movement in their body.
  • Feel inspired and supported in prioritising their practice and themselves each week. 
  • Approach each day feeling grounded and present.

Mikayla’s online classes have been so awesome and it almost feels like being in a real class. Mikayla’s instructions are easy to understand online and both her flow and yin classes are interesting and fun to do. The morning class leaves me refreshed and ready to go to work…  the evening class leaves me feeling calm and relaxed to finish the day off nicely.


I’ve just completed Mikayla’s “Mindful Movement Series” and it is exactly that – MINDFUL MOVEMENT!!!

Classes are broken down into bite-size pieces with a slow purposeful flow of the yoga asanas. We not only focus on the large muscle groups but also engage and focus on the smaller ones which support these – in Mikayla’s words we’re “juicing” the areas…. I now have a more mindful approach to the way I stand, sit, walk and engage with my body.

Words don’t do it justice – you need to experience; it’s very good!


“In this new virtual space, I look forward to my Tuesdays and Thursdays when I welcome Mikayla into my home to guide my yoga practice. Her calm and familiar voice provides me with reassurance and the variety and flow of yoga poses is exactly what I need in these challenging times. My body and brain always feel better for the Mikayla experience. Thank you”

Kate B

After completing the 6-week series with Mikayla, I have noticed I feel a lot better in my body with less muscle tension and I sleep really well after the class.

Mikayla is an excellent, practical and experienced teacher and I loved having a regular in-person class booked into my schedule. One of the key takeaways was not to overextend whilst stretching which feels really sustainable for my body.