About Mikayla

A warm welcome to you

I am so grateful to have you here.

I’m Mikayla, a yoga teacher and mindful movement coach, who believes in the power of personalised movement in helping you to quiet your busy mind and generate a sense of space and freedom in your body and your breath. 

My Story
With a background in Martial Arts, I turned to yoga over 15 years ago as a way to undo some of the muscle stress caused by many years of dynamic martial arts teaching and training. Whilst initially my motivation to start yoga was physical, I soon realised it was creating space not only in my body but also in my mind, cultivating a patience and awareness on the mat which flowed naturally into life off the mat.

My Credentials
Seeking a deeper understanding of the ancient practice I completed my first 200hr yoga teacher training in Vinyasa Yoga under Jolie Manza in 2016, shortly followed by two Yin Yoga trainings under Jo Phee including fascia studies and myofascial release techniques.

I truly believe in being a student first and I continue to practice with teachers that inspire me and I pursue ongoing studies in yoga education and anatomy, including:

  • 300hr of functional yoga and biomechanics with Brea Johnson
  • Prenatal yoga with Bliss Baby Yoga
  • Qi Gong with Grand Master Tan
  • Anatomy focused learning with Leslie Kaminoff
  • Slings in Motion with Anatomy Trains.

My Style
My classes are inspired by my personal practice where I weave together creative and intelligent sequences, blending active and passive flexibility with strength and stability, inviting students on a self-inquiry using mindful movement, stillness and breath.

No two bodies are the same, and in my experiance working with hundreds of clients, everyone and everyBODY thrives when they approach movement with their unique body and their unique lifestyle in mind.

I am so passionate about helping you find your unique magic when it comes to inviting more movement into your days and guiding you to what feels right and supportive for your body. 

The Fun Stuff
I’ve recently transitioned into motherhood, having welcomed our son Riley, my greatest achievement and teacher yet, into our lives in Feb 2022. If anything has taught me the importance of presence and trust, motherhood is it. Since becoming a Mum my relationship to time has shifted once again, as I learn to trust my practice as it ebbs and flows with my new body and ever changing lifestyle.

When I’m not on the mat you’ll still usually find me barefoot, soaking up the sun and salty sea breeze, and as a self-proclaimed anatomy junkie, learning as much as I can about the amazing bodies we have been blessed with. In addition to Move with Mikayla, I run a part time consulting business advising the mining industry on Native Title and Heritage matters, a space I  am grateful to have worked in for over a decade. 



“I’m loving that I’m able to experience the benefits of Mikayla’s yoga classes, in particular, at home, and on a regular basis. The Morning Magic classes are a beautiful way to start the day and only needing 45minutes makes it achievable with the kids at home. My body is loving the movement to loosen the tightness I sometimes experience and the class leaves me feeling calm and present”

Jayne M

Thank you Mikayla! I have so been enjoying your classes and can’t tell you how much my body is thanking you for allowing me to participate”.

Kacy M

MOVE with me