Kickstart Your Motivation & Get Into The Habit Of Moving Every Day Alongside Your Biz and Kids


Are you a busy mama juggling business and family, feeling drained by the end of your day?  Imagine ending your day still energised, not just surviving your schedule but thriving in it!

You know that moving your body more will help you not only feel better but also give you the ability to spend time at your desk without feeling sore AND still be overflowing with energy for family time at the end of the day.

But finding time? That feels almost impossible right now.

Right now you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to balance your business, kids and your personal wellness.

You don’t have hours each week to commute to and from the gym or studio. You get to the end of your day and when you finally sit down, you have nothing left to give and the idea of getting up hours before your kids to fit it in already makes you sleepy!

That’s why I’ve created the:

What’s in store?

3 Days, 3 Different Movements, and 3 Habits to Make It Stick

Over the three days, we will focus on:


  • Day 1: The Seated Desk Break – Incorporate quick and effective movements to re-energize yourself at your desk and beat the afternoon slump.
  • Day 2: Anytime, Anywhere – Integrate simple yet effective movements into those small cracks of your day. Waiting for the kettle to boil or your food to reheat, waiting in line or in between tasks / work calls. Adding refreshing movements into your daily routine without it being another thing on your “to do list”.
  • Day 3: Book End Your Day – Explore movements you can start and end your day with. Set yourself up for success with a few moments each morning and release the day’s stress and prepare for a restful night each evening.

Why Join the 3 Day Movement Challenge for the Busy Mama in Biz?

  • Kickstart Your Movement Practice: This challenge is designed to help you create sustainable movement habits that you can continue long after the challenge ends.
  • Habit Formation: Learn how to integrate movement into your daily routine seamlessly, making it a natural part of your busy lifestyle, alongside your biz and your kids.
  • Community Support: Join a group of like-minded mamas in our exclusive pop-up Facebook group. Share your progress, motivate each other, and celebrate together.

Plus a chance to Win a 2-Week Personalised Movement Intensive!

By participating in the challenge, you’ll have a chance to win a 2-week personalised movement intensive (valued at $250)! This includes:

  •       Personalised Movement Plan: After completing your welcome questionnaire we will jump on a 1:1 Zoom call, where we will dive in and create a bespoke movement plan for our time together, completely tailored to you and your needs so you can seamlessly integrate more movement into your daily life and build strong habits into the future.
  •       Customised Movement Videos: Delivered straight to your inbox each week, I will record and share tailored movement videos specifically designed for your body, life, and schedule.
  •       Weekly Voxer Support and Accountability: Receive my guidance and motivation to keep you on track during our time together.

Let’s Move More Together!

Join me in the FREE 3 Day Movement Challenge for Busy Mamas and take the first step towards kickstarting your motivation to move more whilst building sustainable movements habits for you and your body, knowing that the benefits will flow on to all areas of your life.

I can’t wait to see you in the challenge!

I believe in the power of movement, but you don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s what others are saying…

Mikayla has reaffirmed a knowing in me, I knew over the past few years that my yoga practice had changed, and I knew this was ok, but her classes have really helped me confirm this ‘knowing’ whilst finding a sense of being ok and working with movement limitations. During the past 6 weeks, I have noticed my hip pain not as obvious plus a freedom in my joints after class. I found the series to be well thought out, researched and delivered at the perfect pace. It’s less mainstream when it comes to yoga, Mikayla guides with an emphasis on awareness, it’s a practice to hold you as you go down the path of life.


After participating in Mikayla’s 6-week movement series, I feel more relaxed and have a different sense of awareness about how I hold my body, alternative ways of moving and the importance of breathing and how that impacts on my mind. I would definitely encourage participation in Mikayla’s carefully curated classes, she has always provided a supportive, safe and encouraging experience for all, both in person and online.


I’m loving that I’m able to experience the benefits of Mikayla’s yoga classes, in particular, at home, and on a regular basis. The Morning classes are a beautiful way to start the day.My body is loving the movement to loosen the tightness I sometimes experience and the class leaves me feeling calm and present.